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What is a speak easy bar?

A speakeasy is an illicit establishment that sells alcoholic beverages. Speakeasy bars came into prominence in the United States during the Prohibition era (1920 - 1933). During that time, the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol was illegal throughout the US. 

Speakeasy bars in their modern form became popular in the year 2000. The quirky bars have (secretly) popped up in most big cities across the world. 

The Loom Room was once a store room for The Weavers Inn. Its now a book only secret bar, the first in Cornwall!

Once you have booked a table in the Loom Room you will be given instructions on how to gain access & experience some of the finest (secret) cocktails that we have expertly created.

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Our Signature Cocktails

Tarquins Seadog navy gin, campari, martini rosso

Cornish Garden
Tarquins dry gin, chase elderflower liqueur, apple, lime, cucumber

Dark ’n’ Stormy
Mooncurser spiced rum, lime, Navas Ginger beer

Rhubarb spritz
Tarquins rhubarb and raspberry gin, Navas ginger ale, lime

Cornish collins
Tarquins blackberry and wildflower honey gin, Sicilian lemonade, mint

Tommys margarita
Tequila blanco, agave syrup, lime, Cornish sea salt

Mai Tai
Dark and light rums, orgeat, triple sec, lime

Espresso Martini
Colwith farm potato vodka, Kahlua, espresso


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